Workshop 2019

Journée d’Etude 2019: Formation des Termes
Dublin, Ireland, 29th November 2019
Foras na Gaeilge
Often neglected in discourse on terminology work, the study of term formation principles, methods, approaches and styles within a given language or languages yields rich insights into how languages behave in relation to designating concepts, especially in specialized domains. Differing behaviour is particularly evident when comparing terminology of languages from quite different language families. And approaches to term formation often excite animated debate within language communities – how terms are received or viewed by users can sometimes produce contradictory results.
Thus, we invite interested parties to a one-day workshop to explore the landscapes of term formation within and across languages. Given the influx of terminology from English into other languages, are there things we could learn from one another about how new terms are formed in our various languages?
Deadline for submission (3 pages abstract): 31st July 2019
Notification of acceptance: 15th September 2019
Soumissions: Les résumés (2 à 3 pages bibliographie incluse) doivent être envoyés à :
Langues de travail : Anglais et Français
Comité de Programe
Donncha Ó Cróinín (Foras na Gaeilge)
Fidelma Ní Ghallchobhair (Foras na Gaeilge)
Rute Costa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Christophe Roche (Université Savoie Mont-Blanc)

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